Monday, December 19, 2011

Packing and Moving and Christmas......OH MY!!!

Hey Everyone! :)

Well, this Christmas season has definitely been a CRAZY one in the Jones' household!! I don't even know where to begin!

We recently have been looking for a larger house. Our 1,000 sq foot home was no longer large enough for our growing family of 6. (Soon to be 7....Yes we are expecting again! Baby #5 will grace us with his or her presence in August! :) ) So I happened to stumble across this gorgeous 1,700 sq foot home that has a kitchen and living room that will make any homemaker salivate!! (I will be posting pics of the house soon!) Needless to say, we decided to make the move, but the owner wanted us in ASAP. So we did it, along with it being Dave's finals week in school, Trey's last week of school before break, Emmaline's 2nd Birthday, and myself being involved in our church's annual Singing Christmas Tree Spectacular! Whew...all I can say is it we couldn't have done it all without my parents and my inlaws helping out! And I am so glad that it is over!!

So this week begins a fresh chaos-free week! I can now redecorate my house for Christmas and have some holiday fun with the kiddos. I may even get some last minute knitting done!! :)

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