Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sharing The Love (or in this case the Oreo..lol)

Hey Everyone!!

I look back at my childhood and think about how many times I was told I needed to share. Even now as an adult, I think about the scripture that says it is better to give than to receive. You hear always put others before yourself. Well, my precious Benny has that concept down (lol..when he wants!).

Yesterday, I was washing my never ending dishes..lol...and I go in and check on the babies and they are in a complete comatose state watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Benny is sitting on the couch eating an Oreo and Sissy is on the floor playing with toys. So I go back to washing my dishes. I didn't hear anything for a little bit so of course usually that means something is up! I go back to check on them and they are sitting exactly where I left them! So back to those lovely dishes I went and finally finished them and then returned to the living room to find this.......

Benny apparently thought it would be a great idea to share his Oreo with Sissy. And Sissy apparently thought it would be a great idea to liquefy her Oreo all over her pretty clean dress and all over the carpet!! I asked Benny, "What did you do?" And his precious reply was "Sissy...(Insert Toddler Gibberish)...Cookie! (Insert Toddler Giggle) Sissy....EWWWWW!"

LOL...all I could do at this point is just laugh and give her a bath! My life would be so boring without my little mess makers!

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