Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Emmaline!!

*Sigh* Saturday our precious little princess turned one!! (Although she still looks like a 6 month old!) haha...I can't believe she is one! With the boys it seemed to me like they were ready to hit that new milestone of being a toddler, but Sissy is still so little to me! But on we go into that new phase of life!! She is one of the sweetest little things God has ever put on this planet! Here is a look into our first year with our little angel!

Our family's Christmas present last year!

And it was love at first sight for Daddy!

Sissy at Trey's 6th Birthday Party!

I love those big baby blues!!

Sweet Baby Girl!!

Just Gorgeous!!

Let's Eat Cake!!

I pray you all have a relaxing Christmas week!

Blessings and Love!!

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